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Portland's Rose City Chapter of the ASA-IFA.  

We're still having monthly lunch events!

The second Thursday of each month at 12:00, we have been holding Zoom lunch events.  As more people become vaccinated, we are trying to get back to normal.  

May 12th:  We will be holding a Zoom Board Meeting at 10:00 that is open to members who want to join us.  We are always looking for help on the board, but now more than ever.  Here is the link to join our monthly board meetings.  Agenda is upcoming education and events.

May 13th:  We plan to skip this event and prepare for a June opening.

June 9th:  Board meeting at 10:00 open to members.  Here is a link.

June 10th:  We hope to be back in person with a 2 hour CE event opening at 11:30 for lunch with CE beginning at 12:00.  Stay tuned.  Everyone welcome.

Covid risk levels are up, limiting indoor options, but expected to come down.  Another thing we are struggling with is speakers who are willing to come to a live event.  Further, the last thing we want is to hold an event that causes illness for our members and those they come in contact.  Please consider getting vaccinated prior to returning to our live events.  When we are able to make live events happen, they will be conducted in a safe manner.