To receive full credit, all students are required to attend the entire class from beginning to end, each day that the class is held. A class sign-in sheet is required to be filled out and initialed each half-day by all attendees of the course.  A copy of the sign-in sheet is sent to the National ASA-NAIFA RP Office in Washington, DC.

Registration information is kept on an Attendee Information sheet showing the Name, contact information and appraiser license numbers, where possible, of the individuals registered for the class. The Attendee Information sheet will be retained for a minimum of 5 years after the date of the presentation of the subject course, and will include the instructor's name, and the criteria under which he/she is qualified.

Information about the instructor of the course, including the years of experience related to the subject matter of the course, status of higher education, and the number of years of experience teaching the subject matter to be taught will be kept by the Chapter.

Non-members of the Portland Rose City Chapter of ASA-NAIFA RP are welcome and encouraged to attend the appraisal continuing education courses offered by the Portland Rose City Chapter of ASA-NAIFA RP.

No Continuing Education (CE) course will exceed 8 hours per day.  Breaks will not exceed 10 minutes per hour of instruction.  

Course Completion Certificates will be issued promptly upon successful course completion.  The Certificate will include the attendee's name, the name of the course, the instructor's name, the number of classroom hours, whether there was successful passage of the course examination (if applicable), and the course approval number assigned by the ACLB.

The ACLB Administrator, or the ACLB Administrator's representative, will be permitted to audit the course and course materials at no cost to the ACLB.